How To Get Started

The process of getting Roblox account is pretty straightforward. Just visit Roblox site if you’re on PC or download Roblox app that’s available on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re on the Xbox One just download the app from the Xbox Live Store. While the app itself is free to download you have to own an Xbox Live Gold account in order to access and play games.

Once you visited the site or downloaded the app just create a new account and you’re all set! From there on you could just straight to some of the numerous games available or you can take a few minutes to customize your personal avatar that will be used in most games except in those that use pre-built avatars. When you made your avatar nice and pretty it is time to explore the platform and have some fun.

Your Roblox homepage has plenty of options but the one you want to check out after customizing your in-game character is games. There you will found thousands upon thousands of virtual experiences that are divided into lots of different groups. The safest bet is picking one from the most popular list and then just checking other popular games out in order to find a few cool ones you can start playing. There are other games lists such as recommended (those are handpicked by Roblox employees), popular near you, and many more. On PC you will have to download Roblox Player needed to run games so make sure to install that one after you pick your first game to play!

Feel free to spend a couple of hours playing all sorts of different games and if you want to check out new ones that are getting hot just go to YouTube type in something like “Cool new Roblox games” and you’ll find plenty of videos showing what’s cool and new on Roblox! And also check out our site because we will have a couple of pieces featuring most popular games as well as most original and games that just got out, are pretty cool to play but still aren’t very popular!

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