Avoid collisions

Not always we like unprepared collisions in the game. However, many of the gamers don’t even know that it is entirely possible to get away with these collisions. So, you can easily uncheck or turn off the collisions feature from the settings when you want the object to have a jump, hit a surface of … Read more

Rotate any object

Rotate the object as per the game requirement In different game terrains, you need to have different moves for your object. With this, you can get a better view of the game as this will increase the environmental ambiance of the object in a more significant way. You have to select the object, click Ctrl … Read more

Chat with other players

In this game, you can chat with other players with ease and without any hesitation. Press “/” button and type your message and press Enter. Please make sure that you should not use offensive and irrelevant messages in the chat box of the game. You will be reported for offensive use of the game and … Read more

The flying objects trick

You can make any object/vehicle fly; you need to insert the vehicle like skateboard etc. in the game from the insertion section of the game. Enter a plane tool also from the game section. By riding the skateboard, select the plane tool and ride the skateboard in the air. Fly with many other vehicles like … Read more

Make everything freeze

You can freeze everything goes freeze in the game. It can be done by pressing the “Ctrl” and “F1” buttons at the same time. By doing so for some time, the surrounding will freeze, and you can undo the same by pressing the same in the correct order.

Dance moves in Roblox

You can see a lot of dance moves in the game’s shop. By buying them, you can make your Roblox do much stuff. One of the moves is the moonwalk if you want that your character can do a moonwalk then press Up arrow with “S” button and your character will perform the moonwalk with … Read more

The equipment is in the first place

When you enter a game in Roblox, you should first look for the level equipment. That means all those resources like weapons, building tools, power-ups or even cars that you can use to advance in the game. Of course, some (very few) levels contain microtransactions that make it impossible to get ahead unless you spend … Read more