Creating Games

After you spend a while playing games and hanging out with your friends you will probably want to create your first Roblox game. The best thing about this is that if you own any PC no matter how limited in power it is, the Roblox Studio will work on it without any problem. The Studio is extremely optimized and can be used on virtually any PC. Now, you should first play a bit with the program, check out how to add different models, how to select different scenes and such. For the first couple of hours just play with the Studio and check out its numerous options. And once you get to know it a little bit it is time to dig into some serious tutorials.

There are numerous tutorials on how to create Roblox games online. Just type “creating Roblox games” or “Roblox Studio tutorials” in Google search and you should find plenty of handy links. Of course, the best way to learn something is watching others doing it and because of that YouTube is by far the best choice when it comes to Roblox tutorials. There you will find hundreds of excellent video tutorials that cover everything from basic functions like creating different objects in the game to adding complex strings and scripts needed for games to run. This is pretty cool because you’ll not only learn to make Roblox games, you’ll also learn about programming and over time will generate knowledge needed to start learning proper programming.

And if you manage to create actual, working game there’s a chance of it becoming popular and this means you can earn lots of Robux for you to spend on other games! You can create different cosmetic items for your game or enable players to get some unique tools and gear by spending Robux on them. Just don’t get too excited because before you can start asking Robux for different items you have to make a working game that is fun to play. And don’t get discouraged if your first game isn’t played by anyone. Don’t worry, we all face lots of failures in our life and the most important thing is to be persistent and continue creating games. If you like making Roblox games just continue doing it and with a good idea and lots of hard work, one of those games will hit the right cord and people will start playing it. Never give up!

Okay, by now you know what the hell is Roblox, how to access this huge social gaming network and how to start playing one of its numerous games, and what you can do on the site. In the next few Roblox-related pieces we will show you some of the best games available on the platform and more. Be sure to check out our site regularly in the next couple of weeks in order to find out more about cool games you can play on Roblox!

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